Great question!  We take account security VERY seriously and give no compromises to securing your personal data.

Due to enhanced account security protocols, the AdvanStaff HR employee portal requires device re-authentication every 30 days.  This will keep undeserving eyes away from you personal data.  This process is called multi-factor authentication or (MFA.). MFA simply means you will need more than a simple username and password to access your account.  We will authenticate your devices, require usernames and passwords, and verify the identity of the person attempting to log in by only communicating through verified channels.

In order to pass MFA protocols, the system will send a security code to entered at the portal login screen.  The code will be delivered to an existing, confirmed email address we have listed in your employment file, or it can be sent to your confirmed mobile number we have on file.  The mobile number tends to have better deliverability. 

Once you receive the code and enter it during login, your device will be registered for 30 days.

Some may see this process as a hassle, but it is the only way to secure your personal data and the benefits greatly outweigh the extra few minutes of work.

If you choose to use email as authentication, please be sure to check your spam email box for the verification code.  the email can get trapped in spam.   Code sent by text message tend to be delivered easier.