SPAM or JUNK FOLDER. Often times, the email gets hung up in Ppam or Junk. Please check these folders and then add us to the SAFE SENDER "whitelist" in your profile settings.

TYPO: It is possible the email address we have on file is not correct or has a typo.  

SERVER QUARENTINE: Your email provider's server may have features to protect you from Spam or Junk, sometimes these features do not yet "realize" that the email is coming from a "safe sender"

BUSINESS RULES: You may have inadvertently activated a rule to block messages from AdvanStaff. Doublecheck any rules in place by


SMS TEXT message delivery speeds vary by provider/carrier. Some are not as "fast" as others.

DELIVERY RULES, make sure you have not inadvertently activated a Delivery Rule on your device such as; Block Sender, Hide Messages from this Sender, Never Alert from this Sender

If you still have trouble, let us attempt to help over the phone,  by following a few security protocols, we may able to get the issue resolved. If you'd like us to call you, please open up a new ticket and include the best contact number  to reach you.